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LYDIA is 36 yrs old, separated with 2 grown up children. She has now teenage children and want to support their education.

2010 - 2016 She worked in Singapore for more than 5 years with one employer. She is working for Chinese family with working couple in condominium. She started with the family when the employer was still pregnant with the first child after 2 years later the second baby was born. She did her household chores before the baby wakes up. She gave her full attention to the boys when they are awake. She engaged them in learning activities, music and dancing. She did ironing when they nap in the afternoon. She prepared baby food and over all care in bathing them, changing diaper and putting them to bed. Now the 2 boys are 3 and 5 years old. She sent them to and fro to school, assisted them in their daily needs, prepared their school uniforms, sent them to tuitions and other school activities. As a mother, she is an all-rounder housekeeper in her household who does the laundry, ironing, cleaning and cooking for her family. She is caring person, has pleasant personality and has positive attitude. She is committed to learn new things to adapt to her new environment. She is fast learner and takes pride in what she does

Lydia loves to take care of newborn/young kids. She takes immediate action when the kids are not well. She is willing to learn in cooking dishes other than Filipino and Chinese food. She is available for interview and can transfer anytime.

Separated (36)
Ref: 101_01212
Upd on 30-Nov-16
Married (42)
Ref: 101_01201
Upd on 30-Nov-16

LIZA has been working in Singapore for 24 years. She comes mature, positive and dependable. In most households, she manage her duties independently. She meticulously clean the house, does laundry, ironing, grocery shopping and cooking. She cooks Chinese food, Filipino, western food and follow recipes. She learnt baking with her current employer. She makes cookies, cakes and different pastries. Below is her employment history:

Oct 1994 - Sept 1996 : Chinese couple staying in HDB with 3 children ages 3 and 1 year old Twins. She looked after children, clean the house, did laundry, ironing, washing car and cooking. She finished her contract and she was transferred to her employer relative same family.

April 1998 - Aug 1998 : Chinese family for 5month only. Her Madam lived in HDB with 3children ages 1, 2, and 4 years old. She did household chores such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking and grocery shopping.

May 2000 - Jan 2006 : She worked for 2 Chinese adults (brother & sister). Her main duties was to took care of the 1 month old twins. She kept the house clean, cook for them and did laundry. She worked for almost 6 years.

Jan 2006 - Apr 2007 : She worked with an Australian family staying in a landed 2 storey house . She took care of 2 kids (1 month twins / newborn). She almost completed her 2 years contract with them but so sudden they went back for good.

Feb 2008 - Nov 2009: She was working with another Chinese couple, 1 year old son and twins newborn. She looked after the baby, bathe, feed, change diaper and coax to sleep. She clean the HDB flat, did laundry and cooking. She went home to attend to family matters after 22 months service to the family.

April 2010 - Feb 2012: Working with a Chinese family staying in a HDB flat with 2 children ages 9 and 11 years old. She did all around work in the house like, cleaning,washing clothes, ironing and cooking. She finished her two years contract with them.

Feb 2012 - present : Currently working with Dutch employer staying in a condominium with 4 children ages 9, 11,13 and 15 years old. Her main duties are cleaning the house, washing clothes, ironing, marketing and cooking food for the family. She learnt in making tarts, cakes and cookies. Her 5 years contract is due on January.

Liza is a trustworthy and responsible worker. Aside from household chores, she does grocery shopping/ wet market for her cooking. She can take care of children and ensure their safety under her care. She cooks Chinese food, Malay food, western food, Filipino food and can follow recipe.

Liza's employer of 5 years has consent and full support in her transfer to another good family. She is available for personal interview.

She is available for interview with prior arrangement.

Married (49)
Ref: 101_01298
Upd on 28-Nov-16

ROSEMARIE is 40 years old and married woman with 5 kids she can handle children very well. She decided to work abroad and work as a domestic helper as she wanted to help her children and help her family back home.She has a good personality, able to work with different types of employer, obedient and flexible.She is willing to follow instructions from her employer, hardworking and polite. Before she came to Singapore she worked in Philippines as a nanny cum caretaker for 5 years and she does all the housekeeping and taking care of kids from newborn to older children. Mostly she worked for Chinese families and 1 Indian family and she worked in Singapore for more than 4 years. She completed 1 contract to a Chinese family with 4 children doing all around work. Her duties and responsibilities involved all household works such as maintaining the whole place clean, ironing, laundry, marketing and cooking.She gave the children extra care, patiently she understands what the child needs, prepare special meals and assists the child with the day to day activities.After working more than 4 years in Singapore she went back Philippines. Now, Rosemarie is back again to work in Singapore to support her children who are based in the Philippines. Presently her mother are taking care of her children so that she can continue to work overseas. She is hoping to find a good family who can provide her a good employment. Rosemarie is simple, independent, have patience, hardworking, good attitude and very much willing to work. She is available anytime for interview and can start ASAP.

Married (39)
Ref: 101_01290
Upd on 26-Nov-16

Richel is 26 years old, a college level, a single mother with 1 child age 4 years old. She has been working as domestic helper for more than 3 years.Initially, she worked in Dubai living in a bungaloo, looked after 4 children aged 10, 8 ,2 and newborn and her priority is to look after the youngest child(newborn). In more than 2 years working in Singapore she works mostly with Chinese families.She has taken care of kids from 0 months - 12 years old.She is very good in handling children and doing housework.She can also prepare and cook Filipino and Chinese food and willing to learn new things and can follow recipe books also.

She is available for interview and can transfer anyutime.

Single Parent (26)
Ref: 101_01248
Upd on 26-Nov-16

Anah Sumianah is an Indonesian helper. She has been working in Singapore for more or less than 13 years since 2002 till present. She worked mostly with Chinese and Western family's with newborn and young children.

She got reference letter's from her employers that she is trustworthy, discrete and always willing to help. She has shown a good sense of responsibility with regard to the children. She is well organized and a great help getting the children off to school and their activities on time with the right equipment. She also takes her employer's children to museums, activities , shopping and movies by taxi and public transportation.

Anah also does basic gardening, she kept her employer house neat and tidy at all times, she makes sure that all the laundry has been done, together with the ironing. She is independent, and always willing to follow directions. She can speak and have knowledge of English and is able to follow written and verbal instructions.

She is a good cook and does most of the cooking for all her employer. She always suggests meals and is always willing to try new recipes for both Western and Asian food. Anah has a pleasant disposition, and recommended in taking care of newborn or young children. She can worked in a landed house and Condo with garden or swimming pool. She always make sure that the house is clean and tidy.She also had experienced in taking care of large dog, and 3 kids.

She is available for interview and seeking employment. Available for transfer anytime.

Single Parent (42)
Ref: 101_01093
Upd on 20-Nov-16

GINA is 36 years old, married with 2 grown up children. She is from Tadian, Mountain Province. She is an all around worker experienced for more than 6 years as in looking after the needs of the children, taking care of the elderly, working independently to keep the house spotless, cooking a variety of dishes and also handling the marketing. She also worked in Hongkong for one year taking care of young kids and all household chores for the family.

When Gina first started work in Singapore in 2010 she worked for a Chinese family. Her main responsibility here was to be a care-giver to her employer's aged mother 78 yrs old where she proved herself to be reliable with handling all the needs of the dementia patient, administering daily needs, preparing the right dosage of medicine and regulating his diet according to his condition. She was found to be honest, dependable and was able to completed her chores independently. She prepared daily menus and also did the marketing without supervision. Her cooking skills were appreciated by her employers as well as her long term commitment to them. She finished her contract and worked with them from 2010 to 2012 till the Ahmah passed away.

Dec 2012 - March 2012: She found employment with an Australian family who had a 3yr old girl. Her lady boss was pregnant stay at home mom who enjoyed having around and taught her many western dishes. She also learned to bake bread and delicious cakes. Her employer had no communication issues with her as she had good English language skills. Her interaction with the child was also great. Besides seeing to the day-to-day needs she was also able to take care of their child when sick, ensuring required medication was organized at the proper time. Then madam gave birth to a new baby and they took her as temporary helper only while they are waiting for the mother and sister to be with them.

2013 - 2015: she moved on to work for another Australian family who lived in a condo with 4 bedrooms. She worked with them for 2 years. They had 2 small pet dogs. Besides Western/European food, Gina is also good at cooking Chinese food. Her reason for leaving: End of Contract and financial problem.

Oct 2015- Aug 2016: She was employed by Australian family with a 3 and 6 years old son living in a 4-storey cluster house with 5 bedrooms. Her main duties was taking care of their children and did general household works including marketing and grocery shopping. There were 2 helpers sharing job. Her reason for leaving: She cannot get along with the other helper and no food to eat.

She is a dedicated worker who is also responsible, hardworking and compassionate.

She is available for interview and can be deployed anytime.

Married (36)
Ref: 101_0252
Upd on 17-Nov-16


MARIA is from Pangasinan, 32 years old , She is a single mother with one child age 10 years old. She is trustworthy, dedicated and can work independently . She has pleasant personality, love to look after children, can take them to/from school and other activities. She can cook Filipino food, basic Chinese, western and willing to learn more.

August 2014- Present: Currently working with an Australian /New Zealander family with 2 children ages 8 and 11 yo staying in a condo. She looked after 2 boys while parents are working. She does general household chores such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking and grocery shopping. She has a very good recommendation Letter and According to her employer "Maria has many qualities that make her a wonderful asset to any busy caring family. She is good natured, honest, great with children, trustworthy, reliable, a great cook of Asian, Indian, western and European food, and has kept our home well maintained with a smile, all while being a very easy person to live with." Reason of Leaving: The employer will be moving to USA for job relocation.

2011 - Jul 2014: She was working with German/Thailand family, living in a Condominium. She does household chores like sweeping and mopping the floor, dusting the windows and furnitures. She can organise the bedrooms, restrooms and putting things in their proper places. She also does grocery shopping in wet / dry market and cooking food for the family .

26 April 2011 - 26 July 2011- She worked with British family with their 6 months old baby, lived in condominium house. Her duty are general housekeeping including washing, ironing, marketing and cooking. She also took care of the baby sometime if the parents are out. Reason for leaving: Employer don't need the full time helper.

23 September 2009 to 26 July 2011- She worked with local Chinese family with their adult-children age 22 and 29 years old, lived in landed house. Her duites were taking care care of 2 small dogs and general housekeeping such as washing, ironing, cleaning all around the house, grocery shopping in wet / dry and cooking food for the family . Reason for leaving: They don't need her service anymore.

16 May 2009 to 23 September 2009 - She worked with local Chinese family with their 2 children ages 5 and 8 years old. Her Duties: To look after the children and general housekeeping including washing, ironing, marketing and cooking. Reason for transfer: In the contract she has off days but she didn't allow her to take off day, when she start working.

9 April 2009 to 16 May 2009 - She worked in local Chinese family with 3 adult.Her duties: General housekeeping, ironing, does laundry, marketing and cooking.Reason for transfer: She also work in the employer's office.

18 December 2008 to 9 April 2009 - She worked in local Chinese family with their 2 children aged 5 and 8 years old. Her dutiies were looking after of the children like preparing them for school, meals, bathing, changing clothes and attending all their needs. She also did general housekeeping including washing, ironing , marketing and cooking. Reason for leaving: She cannot get along with the grandmother

General Skills:
- Can take care of children from age 5yo above.
- Can take care pets
- Good in general house keeping as well as car washing
- Can cook like Chinese, Western, Filipino food and can follow recipe book.

She is opting to be transferred to a prospective employer who is willing to entrust her their household. Maria is available for interview anytime but is only available for transfer during end week December 2016. To arrange for personal interview, please call or sms, EDNA 91452795.

Single Parent (32)
Ref: 101_0650
Upd on 12-Nov-16
MARIVIC is honest, patient, mature, independent, pleasant and cheerful person and she has been working in Singapore since year 2000, for more than 16 years as domestic helper and other countries like Hongkong and Taiwan. Has worked with Chinese and Australian, American/Korean family. She took care of kids and twins from newborn to young children. She took care of dogs and other pets also.
2000- 2005: First and second employer in Singapore working in a Chinese family comprising of husband and wife with 2 teenagers stayed in a condo apartment. She did all the housekeeping chores, tidying the house, washing and ironing clothes. She did also marketing and cooking. She can cook Chinese and western dishes.
2005-2008: She worked with Korean/American family of 4 members, staying in a landed property 2 storey house in Bukit Timah. Her main duties was taking care of newborn till 3 years old until the second child came. She loves & adore the children. She help them from feeding, changing diaper, bathing & dressing. They were both working so she was left alone to take care of their son from infancy until he is 3 years old. She bathe the baby, prepare milk, baby food and coax to sleep. She knows when the baby is not well and take necessary action. She did laundry, ironing, clean the house and cook.She does all the household chores such as housekeeping, ironing, washing clothes, cooking & baking. She can cook Chinese & Western food and willing to learn more dishes.

2008-2010: She was working with Canadian family living in a condo taking care of 2 kids age 8 and 3 years old. She did all around housework and she looked after the kids needs like their food, bath and clothing. She send the kids to school and play with them.She can cook Chinese,Western and Asian food. Employer moved to China and she worked with them for almost 2 years.

2010 - 2012: She was working in an Australian / New Zealander family taking care of 2 kids 6 & 8 years old staying in a condo. Her duties include general housework, cleaning, cooking, marketing, looking after two kids and also pets. She have a very good recommendation letter from employer.

2012 - 2013: She worked with the Australian / British family stayed in a terrace 2 storey house with garden.They have 2 daughters age 10 & 3 years old and she take good care of them including sending and fetching the children to school and there school activities.She does the household chores as well like cleaning,sweeping and mopping,laundy,ironing and marketing. She also does the cooking Chinese,Western food.

2013- 2014: Worked with French/Swiss family with 2 children ages 7 and 10 years old staying in a condo. Her main duties are good housekeeping, tidying house and cooking. She only worked for them for 1 year because they went back home to their homeland.Her employer claimed that "Marivic has been entrusted with household purchasing money and has always been very diligent and honest. She can interact with the two girls can followed instructions. She has all the qualities whom most employers are looking for but only she cannot adopt with the pets cause of her allergy. We appreciate and highly recommend her to any employer."

2014-2016 She worked to a Netherland family with 2 children ages 6 and 4 living in a 2 sty house. She did all around housework, grocery shopping ,cooking and baby sitting and childminding . She prepared Asian and Western cooking and can follow recipe books.

Based with her exprience, Marivic is very capable person and can manage her work diligently. Marivic wishes to continue and work in Singapore to support her children in the Philippines. She can easily follow recipes and consistently provides with lovely dinners. She can handle grocery shopping independently. She is well-organized and can quickly de-clutter messes often left by children. She has handled large quantity of laundry, shown good care in washing delicate fabrics and clothings.

She completed courses in Singapore First Aid Training Centre, Basic computer course and 1 year in Hotel Management and Restaurant course. She is responsible person and consistently developing herself thru attending courses during her days off.

She is available for personal interview with prior arrangement. She comes with good recommendations from her previous employers.

Single Parent (48)
Ref: 101_0398
Upd on 09-Nov-16

CHERRY has been working in Singapore for more or less than 5 years. She has taken care of children, learnt cooking and does daily routine independently.

Her first employer was Chinese national with 3children ages 12, 14 and 16 years old. She did laundry, ironing, cooking and helped in child minding, assist in the daily needs. She engage the 12 yrs old child in playing and learning activities. She finished her contract with them.

Cherry is currently working with Indian family for almost 3 months only. She looked after 3 years old boy while parents are working. She does general household chores such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking and grocery shopping.

Cherry has pleasant personality, love to look after children, can take them to/from school and other activities. She can cook Filipino food, basic Chinese and willing to learn more.

She is available for interview and can transfer anytime.

Married (33)
Ref: 101_01294
Upd on 09-Nov-16
Sri Lankan
Married (51)
Ref: 101_01287
Upd on 04-Nov-16

Wilhelmina is a matured applicant, reliable and very responsible mother of 10 grown up children and has been working as domestic helper for more than 7 years and had worked with 3 nationality. She experienced to work with Indian, Malay and British family.

2007-2012 She experienced to worked in family British family living in a Condo .She took care of 2 children ages 7 and 16. She also looked after 2 cats .Her other duties includes general housekeeping, marketing, grocery shopping and cooking. She cooked different kinds of food like Malay. Filipino and Western food and willing to try other cuisines and follow recipe books. She worked for the family of more than 5 years and the employer decided to go back to their homeland.With a short recommendation from employer.they

Then she is transfered to a British families taking care of 2 years old.She does all around housekeeping and cooking.

2012- Present : Currently working with a Australian family staying in a condo with 2 kids ages 7 mos. baby when she joined them and then another newborn baby after 2 years. They always bring along her for oversea to take care the kids. A very reliable worker and stay with them for 4 years. They entrusts the children to her especially when they are at work. She prepares food for the family and she makes sure that the kids are well taken care of. They family moved to Australia and provided her also a good recommendation to a future employer.Wilhelmina is now in the process of searching for a new employer .

She is available for interview and can transfer anytime.

Married (49)
Ref: 101_0156
Upd on 30-Oct-16

Marites is 32 years old with 2 children , simple and very hardworking .She has been working in singapore for 3 years as domestic helper. At first, she worked for chinese families wherein she work for 2 house with 6 adults and a 2 years old child .She was the only helper and wasnt able to cope up all the work. She worked for them for 8 months and another 8 months to another family.

2015 till date, she is currently working to a local family with 2 children ages 3 and 11 years old. She is responsible to look after the kids while both employers are away for work. She also prepares food for the family like Chinese food, Filipino and basic Western food. She is also keen to learn new recipe.She is finishing soon her contract with her employer and she wanted to continue working in Singapore. She is available for interview during Sunday.

Single (32)
Ref: 101_01286
Upd on 28-Oct-16

Emelina has been working for almost 6 years as domestic helper .She worked for 4 years in Jeddah to an arab family residing in a 4 sty house and her main job was housework and she shares her time working with the other maid in attending the needs of 5 children and other housework. After 4 years she went back to Philippines.

Jamuary 2015 till date , currently working to her first employer.They are Filipino family with a 7 months old baby and and she wants to finish her contract this year and look for a new employer.She takes care the 7 months old baby by bottle feeding, bathing, changing diaper and coax to sleep. Her employer is moving to New Zealand. She can cook Filipino food very well as knows some western food and willing to learn new cuisines. She is available for interview.

Married (45)
Ref: 101_01289
Upd on 26-Oct-16
Married (45)
Ref: 101_01284
Upd on 20-Oct-16
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