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Oct 2010 Initially she was first time in Singapore , so she hardly cant adjust herself to work with chinese family composed of 8 people .

Nov 2010 -2012 She worked with Chinese family with 3 adults ,2 children ages 3 months and 2 years old when she joined. She cant cope up to finished the work to 2 looked after 2 toddlers and general housework.She only worked for them for more than a year. She was transferred to another family but 9 members so she cant cope up all the work.

May 2012 - April 2016 She worked for Chinese family with 2 elderly and 1 child aged 1 year old when she joined them, they lived in a condo. Her duties were general housekeeping , cooking, car washing and looked after the child, she worked for them for 4 years.

Currently working with Spanish family with 2 children ages 7 and 12 (girls) living in a condo . Aside from housework and cooking,she prepares the kids needs, sends and fetch the kids from school .She also looks after 1 dog wherei she showers , feed , and walk the dog 3 times a day.

She is avaialble for interview and can transfer anytime.

Divorced (30)
Ref: 101_01280
Upd on 17-Oct-16
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